All About Todd

Todd Hoke was born in Conroe, Texas (just north of Houston), lived in Austin for a dozen years, and currently pays his utility bills on time in Hendersonville, North Carolina. Todd Hoke has 2 dogs and a wife. Todd Hoke has recorded & released 3 albums of music covering a wide array of topics, styles, and moods in the process. Todd Hoke has played a lot of shows. Some were utterly fantastic and some landed somewhere south of that. Blah blah blah…This is dull. How about this:

Todd Hoke has never been in a barfight but he has provided music for one. Seriously.

Todd Hoke is charmed by shiny objects.

Todd Hoke very much enjoys wearing his flipflops in situations where close-toed shoes are the expectation. Weddings, funerals, courthearings, whatever.

Todd Hoke very much wants to live in a world where strangers spontaneously burst into song. In harmony.

Todd Hoke is puzzled by pleated trousers.

Todd Hoke thinks the Blue Jays really have a shot at going all the way this year. Unless they face off against the Bears and/or Pirates. Blue Jays have no defense against Bears and/or Pirates.

Todd Hoke was kicked out of the green room at Austin City Limits shortly after saying “Excuse me.” to Eric Clapton. Todd Hoke has been exceedingly rude to rockstars ever since.

Todd Hoke is learning Bruce Springsteen’s “Nebraska” on ukulele.

Todd Hoke wears a size 13.

Todd Hoke may someday learn to tapdance. Or Todd Hoke may not. That’s how Todd Hoke is.

Todd Hoke had one grandmother named Jewel, another named Pearl, and still has an uncle named Punky who wishes everyone would call him Walter instead.

Todd Hoke earns his rent and beer money as a hospice nurse.

Todd Hoke probably couldn’t live off guacamole, but he would be willing to participate in a study to find out. For serious.

Todd Hoke very much likes Townes Van Zandt, Leon Redbone, Guy Clark, Tom Waits, and Louis Armstrong. Todd Hoke is also quite fond of his mother. And fried chicken.

Todd Hoke does not sing songs about rainbows, unicorns, or dolphins. Elves nor fairies neither. It’s good to know this up front about Todd Hoke.

Todd Hoke has a peculiar fondness for his denim jacket.

Todd Hoke (the one we’re discussing here) may or may not be the Todd Hoke doing flips on a wakeboard on Youtube.

Todd Hoke finds brussels sprouts most loathsome among vegetables.

Todd Hoke donates 100% of money from his CD sales to charity. Because Todd Hoke is a very nice person. Just like his mother says.