Brother, Can You Spare 100 Dimes?

Hey Friends
So. There's this CD I have been working on for quite a long time now. And I'm looking to finish it before summer fades into fall. The recording and mixing are done. The mastering should be done within a week. So all that's left, really, is piecing together the artwork and getting it pressed and packaged. My rough estimate for how much the final stuff will cost is $3000.
To help defray the whack to our checkbook, I am inviting you (good-looking and intelligent person that you are) to purchase advance copies which I'll mail to your postal receptacle as soon as they are available. $10/CD. That's it. Let me tell you a bit more.
I've shopped around and am using Oasis for manufacturing because they offer the most recycled and enviro-friendly packaging I could find. Also, I'll be donating every last cent from the sale of Southland to Feeding America ( for information on their good works at reducing hunger in America). I don't have to do this stuff, but I'm doing it anyhow. Because I am a very nice person. Just like my mother says.
Southland (that's the title of the forthcoming work of genius) was recorded in Austin and my friends are all over it. Huge fun, it was. My first ever ukulele song is on this CD. This is my first CD with an honest-to-Pete-Fountain horn section. And harmonizers from Canada. And a sing-along chorus (okay--yes--I did that on Heavenly Houseboat Blues but this one's even chorusier).
So...I think that's enough of a pitch, ain't it? Holler at me if you'd like to contribute or if you have any questions. I am chockfull of answers.
Thanks y'all
PS I guess I'll just throw out that if you are feeling particularly flush and would like to kick in more than $10 that would be super. And would make you even more intelligent and good-looking. In the event that I wind up raising more than I need to complete the project, I'll put the balance toward promotion and distribution to media folks (radio, magazines, etc)--all that stuff you're supposed to do when you release a new CD.
PSS Update: Today is August 25th and the mastering is now done as well. I had a lengthy exchange with a nice lady named Kim at Oasis yesterday and she put together a budget for me. All I lack is $1200. Is that information helpful? In case it isn't here's this: your wingspan is equal to your height. See? Chockfull of answers to questions you didn't even ask. Thanks.
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