RIP Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith died today. I never met him and don't really know anything about him as a person, but I watched and enjoyed The Andy Griffith Show an awful lot...

There And Back Again (Texases I Have Known)

We arrived at Quiet Valley Ranch. It's beyond me to really capture what happens at The Kerrville Folk Festival--it's basically a leash free area for the human spirit. Whatever the hell that's supposed to mean. Many many smiles, hugs, songs, and laughs were enjoyed during our stay. Of course it was too short. And of course we missed the folks who had come and gone by the time we arrived. But Mrs. Hoke and I thoroughly delighted in the time and friends we had. Yup. Very yup indeed.

final run

In these shoes I have gone up and down many hills. Splashed through streams and waded through rivers and slogged through mudpuddles. On one run I intentionally ran through old horseturds because I’d never done that before and they are trail shoes, dangit, and the horseturds were on the trail (I once drove through cowturds for the same reason).

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