This is a radio thing I did with my friend Joe Angel at KEOS in Bryan, Texas back in January (2013). My buddy Scott McCarley is doing the camera work and if you watch it through you'll probably notice where one of his cameras dies and he went to the hand-held exclusively. Technical difficulties, y'know? My parents and sister went along and sang --fairly willingly--on the last song. I should also give Scott credit for editing and special effects. Nice job there, Scooter.



Casual video shot by Phil Traynor at The Swannanoa Gathering. Song is from a songwriting challenge by Sara Hickman. She had "tokens of inspiration" for each of us and mine was a dead bumblebee. A dead bumblebee. Sure. As it happened, Mrs. Hoke and I were celebrating our 16th anniversary that week so what the heck... To my knowledge, this is the only instance in Western music wherein Bryant Gumbel is used as a verb.



Here's another one from The Swananoa Gathering. This one shot by Steve Gray at the big open mic thing they do for the students. I was a little nervous what with a roomfull of songwriters in the room but they jumped in when called upon--bless 'em for that. You can really hear them lean into it at the end (and see my reaction when they do).


And here's a snippet of me introducing our friends Aidan and Christine (aka Friction Farm) at a performance they did at the UU Fellowship of Hendersonville. If you would like me to introduce you at an event get in touch. I'll give you a rate.



And lastly here is a little clip of our friend Garrett belting out a very heartfelt snippet of Chickenwashing. Sing it out Garrett!