The Turning of the Wheel - The Second One

The Turning of the Wheel offers up a batch of songs that stretch across a wide range of moods, sounds, and topics. There's a toe-tapping grin for spring's arrival and a slump-shouldered sigh as autumn fades into winter. There's a leisurely stroll down Main Street in Mayberry (attention Andy Griffith Show fans) and a brassy sashay down barlined 6th Street in Austin, Texas. There's a piano lounge jumper for love of a "genuine" woman and a back alley howl for a gambler on his way down. There's even a sing along on Townes Van Zandt's "Heavenly Houseboat Blues." Tasty arrangements + polished production = a recording that will stay in your CD player for some time. Probably until you take it out. Please note that every last cent from the purchase of this CD goes to the good folks at Feeding America. You can learn more about their work to end hunger in the USA at

CD Baby is run by real folks. Real nice folks. They have goldfish and potted ferns. Buy the CD from them. Thanks.

UPDATE: Okay. So I've run out of physical copies of this album and won't be making any more (though you might be able to find a used copy on Amazon for a ridiculous price). Or you can download it from CD Baby. Them's the options. Good luck and happy listening.