Christmastime in Bethlehem

Todd Hoke


From "Southland." It's my sad Christmas song and the world needs more of those don't you agree, Mr. Bailey? Jeff Tveraas adds a touch of percussion and some subtle keyboards to this track. This song was inspired by a donation jar on the counter of a bar in Ohio I was in one Christmas. They were soliciting funds to provide some holiday assistance to steelworkers that had just been laid off. As I walked home--we were visiting Mrs. Hoke's family--and the snow fell around me the lyrics started coming to me, drifting down among the snowflakes. I love the production on this one--it captures the mood just right to my ear. Your ear(s) may disagree. The image above doesn't correlate with the lyric 100%, but I dig this photo so am using it anyhow. So there, I guess.